Rocket League Adds Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car & Other Cosmetics

Ghostbusters is returning to Rocket League with the Ecto-1 Bundle, coming back to the Item Shop in celebration of the new Ghostbusters movie.

The developer of Rocket League has introduced yet another familiar car to the game by bringing back the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, along with other cosmetics. The latest Rocket League vehicle comes just ahead of the launch of the new Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, scheduled to release on November 18.

Rocket League players have seen a flurry of movie tie-in content within the free-to-play game this year alone. Along with the new Ecto-1, fans have also seen multiple Batmobiles and James Bond’s Aston Martin added to the game in just the last few weeks, and it seems developer Psyonix is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to branded content. Players looking to add some movie magic to their soccer games typically have a limited time to grab new themed cosmetics, which usually come bundled with extras like decals and wheels. While not movie content, the latest branded addition to Rocket League was the BMW 240i, introduced earlier this November.


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Confirmed by Rocket League, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Bundle will give players the chance to step into the drivers’ seat of the classic car once again, and will also include the Ecto-1 Reel Life Decal, Reel Afterlife Decal, Engine Audio, BK Wheel, Spirits Boost, and RTV Trail. Existing Ecto-1 owners will be able to purchase the upgrade bundle to access the add-ons without the car, and each will also be up for individual sale via the Item Shop. The full Ecto-1 Bundle will cost 1,100 Credits, with the vehicle available on its own for 500. Stay Puft Goal Explosion will also be making its return, now available in painted variants for 800 Credits each. The items are now available in-game for a limited time.

Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

The latest Rocket League content will likely be unmissable for Ghostbusters fans, giving them another chance to win matches in one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world. While the infamous car has been in the game before, players will now have a more tarnished and weathered look for the Ecto-1, keeping in theme with the new movie which takes place 30 years after the second. If the new look isn’t to players’ tastes, they can also choose the cleaner version from the original 1984 movie. Stay Puft’s new painted variants add a little more to the game, with Black, Crimson, and Sky Blue available.

As expected, the new Ghostbusters Rocket League content won’t be around forever, with the items leaving the Item Shop on November 22. November is shaping up to be a good month for Ghostbusters and gaming fans, with not only a Rocket League collaboration, but also the release of a new Ghostbusters AR game. Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe will let users catch ghosts from their real surroundings when it comes to mobile devices on November 19.

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