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On January 16, Mars will be transiting into the Sagittarius sign. It will stay here till February 26. In this placement, Mars and Venus will be conjunct together. In Vedic astrology, conjunction of Mars and Venus has special importance. Mars is a planet of execution in Vedic astrology. It represents our ability to take action, express anger, motivation, dynamism and sex drive. Mars shows our capacity to work and ability to perform. We need a strong Mars to succeed in all areas of our life, so its position plays an important role in our birth chart.

On the other hand, Venus represents love, relationships and marriage. It also represents beauty, art, aesthetics, things which please us and makes us look attractive. Venus’ placement also shows our natural desires and overall happiness in family life. Without the blessings of Venus, we can’t enjoy the comforts and pleasures of life.

Mars and Venus share a neutral relation to each other. Mars denotes passion and Venus signifies love. The conjunction of these two planets certainly adds passion in our life. When both planets are in good dignity then it makes one a loyal, committed and passionate lover. The person will work hard on their creative pursuits or achieving their desired luxurious life.

However, this conjunction of Mars and Venus gives favourable results only when they are happily placed. When Mars enters the fiery sign of Sagittarius on January 16, it will be placed in a comfortable position. Sagittarius is the natural ninth zodiac sign or religious sign in Vedic Astrology and friendly to Mars, thus Mars feels comfortable while transiting through this zodiac sign. However, Venus is not favourably placed here. Owner of Sagittarius – Jupiter – is Venus’s enemy, hence Venus here does not always promote positive aspects of life. To add further, Venus is currently moving in a retrograde motion till January 29, which is not a favourable position for the planet of love.

In such a scenario, this Mars-Venus conjunction can also work the other way around as the negative traits of this combination will also come to the fore. Mars can give anger and aggression and Venus more of materialistic desires. This can lead to a volatility in relationships which can turn this ‘dream conjunction’ into a nightmare.

This unique conjunction can also make it difficult for couples to let it go. They try to resist for long and seek love even at the cost of their happiness. It can make your partner extremely possessive and can add to physical aggression in some cases where Mars and Venus are badly placed in your birth chart.

Another dimension that is added to the relationship due to this conjunction is materialistic desires. People get attached to us for the lure of money or comforts. This shows possibility of getting into fake relationships which are born only due to love of money or some material purpose. In some cases, Mars-Venus conjunction also promotes dishonest relations as it heightens physical passion towards the opposite sex and can lead to out-of-bound relationships.

On the whole, due to the effect of Mars and Venus in Sagittarius, people will like to travel and explore things connected with adventure. Interest and passion towards spiritual life can go up. While transiting through Sagittarius, Mars will confer higher dedication and immense power. However, one needs to control their anger, aggression and impulsiveness to maintain harmony in life.


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